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The Best Dragon Raja Class Guide

Best Reviews of All Classes on Dragon Raja

The Best Dragon Raja Class Guide

Dragon Raja, the most awaited MMORPG of 2020 is now available Globally. Read on for Dragon Raja Best Class Guide – all classes review for beginners(best DPS, tank)

In this Dragon Raja best class guide, we will guide you through all the classes featured in the game. The guide is designed to help players choose the Dragon Raja best class based on the performance & gameplay they like. As of now, it features four character classes that you can pick. 

At the beginning of the game - literally as it is still installing and updating you are asked to select your class. While you can change your class later in the game, you need to be at least level 40 and it will cost at least 300k gold coins! So the decision as to which class you choose in Dragon Raja at the beginning of the game is quite important.

There are four classes to choose from, each have their own strengths and weaknesses. This class set includes; Wizard/Assassin, Warrior/Tank, Gunslinger/DPS, and Support/Healer class. The developers of the game may add more new classes in the future. 

1. Blade Master (Warrior and Tank)

Blade Master (Warrior and Tank)

This is actually our preferred class because he/she will give a very high level of damage but also have tank attributes of being able to absorb a lot of damage.
  • A good tank 
  • Good melee DPS 
  • Good for – those who love close-range fights
  • Solo Performance – good

You can use Blade Master as a tank or a melee DPS. But make sure to build him/her in the way you want to use him/her. For example – if you are going to use Blade Master class as a tank, focus on his/her physical defense. If you are going to use Blade Master class as a melee DPS, focus on his/her Physical Attack power. 

2. Gunslinger Class (Range)

Gunslinger Class (Range)

While the gunslinger class does offer good damage over a longer range than the Blade Master, their hit points are significantly lower. 

He uses the gun to strike enemies from a distance. But the defense ratings are not good. Some of his great skills are inflicting damage with the landmine traps, stun effect, invisible effect, etc. When it comes to DPS and clearing the waves of enemies quickly, Gunslinger is the best pick. 
  • Solo Performance – good 
  • A good DPS 
  • The defense is not that good 
  • Good for – those who love long-range fights and clearing the waves quickly 
  • Gunslinger is also good at inflicting CRIT hits

3. Assassin Class (Assassin/Mage)

Assassin Class - Dragon Raja The best classess review

Assassin offers melee and ranged attacks with high agility. His skills are not appealing, yet he could be a good class to pick. But we would not recommend him to choose if you want to choose an easy-to-play class. Gunslinger or Blade Master would be a good option. The Assassin class is hard to master as compared to Blade Master and Gunslinger classes. 

4. Soul Dancer (Support)

Soul Dancer (Support)

This support class would be our last choice in Dragon Raja, he's not as punchy as the others nor as strong when it comes to taking hits. For sure a good support character is essential, but probably not too great to start with.

In Dragon Raja, Soul Dancer is the healer/supporter class with CC and supportive abilities. Some of her great abilities are turning the targets into the duck – enemies suffered from this CC ability would not be able to attack. Also, she can reduce the PHY and MAGE Defense of the foes during the battle. And, with the teleport skill, you can deal decent magic damage to multiple enemies. 
  • Solo Performance – good 
  • A good Mage 
  • Attack and Defense are good 
  • CC abilities are her strength 
  • Good for – those who love to play as a mage and use CC abilities to stop enemies

So who should be your pick: –
  1. Tank/Melee DPS – Blade Master 
  2. DPS – Gunslinger 
  3. Support/Mage – Soul Dancer
  4. Assassin
What’s your opinion? Share your class review in the comment section below.