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Dragon Raja Guide : Soul Dancer Build, Skills & Talents

Dragon Raja Soul Dancer Guide: Build, Skills & Talents

Soul Dancer is one of the amazing classes in the Dragon Raja game. She is a mage who inflicts magical damage to the enemies. And, one of the main reason for playing as Soul Dancer is her supportive and CC skills that you can use during the battle for magical effects.

For example – self-healing, turn the enemy into duck and reduce the defense. In today’s post, we have shared the Dragon Raja Soul Dancer class overview – skills and talents info. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content. Dragon Raja Soul Dancer Guide for beginners.

Dragon Raja Soul Dancer:

  • Role – Support, Mage 
  • Strength – CC and Healing Skills 
  • DPS – Excellent 
  • Survivability – Excellent 
  • Range – Excellent 
  • Assist – Excellent 
  • Difficulty – Easy to Master

Dragon Raja Soul Dancer Skills:

Soul Dancer Class offers two skill sets to the player

Set I Skills :

  • Soul Dancer’s Pact – with this skill, Soul Dancer forms a pact with an ally. When Pact is in effect, Time Expansion grants Time Twist to the pact partner – increases the size, speed, cooldown reduction, damage reduction if within 10m 
  • Iceglare Shock – with this skill, Soul Dancer inflicts magic damage to the target, heals herself and slow the targets 
  • Phase Shock – with this skill, Soul Dancer inflicts heavy magic damage to multiple enemies 
  • Azure Mark – with this skill, Soul Dancer creates an alchemy circle, inflicts damage to random enemies 
  • Time Expansion – increases movement speed, critical resistance, cooldown reduction. Use this skill when pact partner is within 10 m range – to get Time Twist bonus; increase movement speed, reduce damage received, increase cooldown reduction

Set II Skills :

  • Shadow Light – passively increases Gemini NATK, Iceglare shock damage 
  • Recall Light – self-healing, heals an ally, restore vitality. Also, allies within 5 m range gains buff; increase CRIT, AP, Multistrike 
  • Time Lock – stops the time; makes enemy stop 
  • Witch’s Kiss – turns the target into a duck, reduces their physical and magical defense

So these are Soul Dancer skills. Now let’s take a look at her talents that you can activate to improve the strength.

Soul Dancer Talents: 

  • C-Level Talent – Ballet in the Snow to increase the effectiveness of Iceglare Shock skill(Set I). Sand of Time to increase CRIT RATE. Soul Link to transfer HP when affected with Twin’s Pact. 
  • B-Level Talent – Dance with Swans to increase Phase Shock skill damage. Law of Time to reduce Time Lock skill cooldown. Loki’s Trick polymorph one more target using Witch’s Kiss skill. 
  • A-Level Talent – Stopped Pendulum to increase damage from Azure Mark skill. Lord of Time to reduce the Shadow Light skill cooldown when using Time Lock skill. Fallen Glacier to reduce the cooldown of Iceglare Shock skill during Time Expansion 
  • S-Level Talent – Mimir’s Spring to increase CDR of allies within 10m range – when Light Beacon is released. Twin’s Edge to increase movement speed, CRIT Res, CDR when linked with Twin’s Pact. Holy Feast to get buff when releasing Recall Light skill.

Talent Recommendation: 

  • Sand of Time – C-Level Talent 
  • Loki’s Trick – B-Level Talent 
  • Stopped Pendulum – A-Level 
  • Twin’s Edge or Recall Light – S-Level

So these are the Soul Dancer class talents.

Soul Dancer Build:

For Soul Dancer, you have to focus on CDR and magic attack stats. CDR stats improve the Soul Dancer’s healing effect. Soul Dancer’s main element is Water – so make sure to equip the Water gems to increase skill damage.

Build INS/INT score to increase Soul Dancer CDR, Magic Attack. Let’s take a look at the gems that you should equip to build Soul Dancer class wisely.

  • INS – 1 point will add HP by 240, MATK by 2, AP by 2, CDR by 6 
  • INT – 1 point will add HP by 120, MATK by 5, MS by 2 
  • DEX – 1 point will add HP by 240, MATH by 2, CRIT by 4, MS by 4 
  • STR – HP by 120, AP by 2 
  • CON – 1 point will add HP by 400, PDEF by 2, MDEF by 2, CRIT Res by 2

Conclusion – build INS/INT score to increase MATK and CDR of Soul Dancer. Equip the gems in the core slots that increase INS and INT stats. Head to the Soul Dancer’s profile by tapping her avatar in the upper-left corner -> general tab -> tap the (i) symbol to check build score. Additionally. In the same tab, you will see MATK and CDR marked as “M” keyword. The “M” word shows the recommended stat to focus on. Tap on it for more details.


Soul Dancer is the only healer class in Dragon Raja. Although, she is not a pure healer – you get decent DPS, survivability, and CC skills too. Self-healing skills and supporting allies in the battle are some great abilities that Soul Dancer has. You should give this class a shot.

So this would be all in this post on Dragon Raja Soul Dancer Class guide for beginners.