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Dragon Raja Guide : Assassin Build, Skills & Talents

Dragon Raja Assassin Guide: Build, Skills & Talents

Assassin is one of the four available classes in the Dragon Raja game. With Assassin, you will be able to inflict massive damage to the enemies from close-range and long-range. Although, this class is hard to master if you compare it with the rest of the three classes.

In today’s post, we are gonna review this class’s skills, info, and talents. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content. Dragon Raja Assassin Guide.

Dragon Raja Assassin Class:

  • Role – DPS 
  • Range – Long/Close 
  • Difficulty – Hard to Master 
  • Assistance – Not Good 
  • Survivability – Not Good 
  • Strength – High DPS 
  • Mage DPS

Let’s take a look at Dragon Raja Assassin Class skills & talents info.

Dragon Raja Assassin Skills:

With Assassin class, you get two skill-sets; each skill set with five unique skills.
  • Soul Fissure(Set I) – with this skill, Assassin strikes and inflict magic damage to multiple enemies in front – also, inflict a slow effect to them 
  • Shadow Dart – with this skill, Assassin throws darts to inflict magic damage to the enemies and Nether Mark. If you are in the Shadow Form, cooldown duration will reduce 
  • Shadow Strike – with this skill, Assassin inflicts magic damage to the enemies and remove the Nether Mark + reset Shadow Strike cooldown 
  • Obsidian Edge – with this skill, Assassin inflicts AoE magic damage and removes Nether Mark 
  • Void Strom – using this skill, Assassin switch from Shadow form to Hunter form. When in Hunter Form, Assassin’s damage power will increase

Skill Set II:

  • Dark Shadow Form – with this skill, Assassin switches to dark shadow form that makes the normal attacks turn melee with invisible effect, immune to control and increase in movement speed. He can put the Hunt Mark on the enemy to reduce the target’s magic defense 
  • Crystal Coffin – this is one of the best skills of Dragon Raja Assassin class. If you are in trouble, this skill is gonna protect you from all the damage and control effects. Although, you would not be able to move and use the skills. Also, you can cancel it anytime. 
  • Nocturne Luna – with this skill, Assassin throws a spinning blade to inflict continuous damage to multiple enemies in its path. It explodes when the time expires and causes heavy magical damage. For combo benefits, use the Moon Shadow skill to teleport to the location of the blade. 
  • Dark Rhapsody – with this skill, you can inflict slow effect on the enemies and magic damage 
  • Prelude Dawn – Inflict magic damage

So these are the Dragon Raja Assassin Class skills.

Assassin Talents: 

  • C-Level Talent – Triple Variation to trigger an earthquake and inflict damage. Heroic Sonata to buff damage and reduce damage taken. Magic Melody to reduce the cooldown of skills when dealing damage to the enemies with Hunt Mark 
  • B-Level Talent – Dissonance to inflict Nether Mark. Moon Serenade to increase the effectiveness of Moonlight skill. Crystal Sonata to summon a crystal using Dark Rhapsody skill that explodes and inflict MDMG+Delay Effect 
  • A-Level Talent – Funeral Bells to increase invisibility effect and improve Soul Fissure Skill’s performance(reduce target’s Magic Defense). Requiem to reset Moonlight skill cooldown. Echo of Soul to trigger Multistrike with Dawn and Soul Fissure skills 
  • S-Level Talent – Last Waltz to increase damage when in Dark Shadow Form. Death Aria to increase the effectiveness of Obsidian Edge skill. Nibelungen Song to get shield that absorbs damage when in Dark Shadow Form.

So these are the assassin’s talents. We would recommend you to go with these best Assassin Talent
  • Heroic Sonata 
  • Crystal Sonata 
  • Nibelungen Song

Assassin Build: 

For Assassin, you have to focus on Magical attack and MS(Mulistrike) score. Assassin’s main element is Earth – so make sure to equip Earth gems to increase skill damage. To build Assassin perfectly, you have to focus on the gems that can increase the Magical attack and Multsirke. Let’s take a look at Assassin’s core build – which gems should you choose?
  • CON(Earth) – 1 point will add HP by 400, Physical DEF by 2, Magical DEF by 2, CRIT RES by 2 
  • INT – 1 point will add HP by 120, MATK by 5, Multistrike by 2 
  • DEX – 1 point will add HP by 240, Magic Attack by 2, CRIT by 4, Multistrike by 4 
  • INS – 1 point will add HP by 240, MATK by 2, AP by 4, CDR by 4 
  • STR – 1 point will add HP by 120, Ap by 2
Conclusion : Build INT/DEX score as it increases the magical attack and multistrike of Assassin. Optional – CON/Earth build as the Earth element is the main.

Head to the Assassin profile by tapping the Assassin avatar in the upper-left corner. In the general tab of the profile, you will see the “M” keyword next to MATK and MS stat that hints on how to build Assassin perfectly. And, if you move to the advanced tab, you will find Assassin’s main element, which is Earth ATK.  And, if you tap the (i) symbol at the bottom, you can check Assassin build score.


Assassin is a balanced class with short/long-distance attacks – has decent DPS and a good class for a solo player. However, survivability is not good and we found this class hard to play for a beginner. If you are a beginner, you might want to choose another class like Gunslinger, Blade Master.