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Dragon Raja Codes To Redeem Rewards

Dragon Raja Codes: CDKey List To Redeem Rewards

Dragon Raja Codes To Redeem Rewards

Dragon Raja Codes or CDKeys, you can use to redeem precious gift packs in the global version. 

if you have just started playing it, then you must use the CDKey Code to claim the pre-registration rewards. Or other rewards. 

As of now, only one CDKey or Code has been issued to the player which can be used to claim the pre-registration pack. This pack features these rewards:
  1. Dragon Raja Pioneer Outfit 
  2. Hair: Shooting Star 
  3. Primary Motor Refit Plan 
  4. Transmission 
  5. Fine Refit Part 
  6. Clawer Coin 
  7. Secret COMMAND 
  8. Gold Key

Let’s check out the Dragon Raja Codes and CDKeys and how to use them.

Dragon Raja Code


  1. Code EFWLNDD is the latest Dragon Raja code/CDKey that was issued on February 27, 2020. To redeem this code or CDKey, the player needs to open the settings. In the game settings, scroll down to the bottom in the basic tab. Tap the CDKey button and enter this code. 
  2. Code EKCPHMG is the second Dragon Raja code/CDKey that you can use to get the EX Gift pack. This gift pack gives around 60000 gold coins, EX Catalyst, Elemental gems. Head to the game settings and scroll down to the bottom of the basic tab. Tap the CDKey button and enter this code. 
  3. Code EJRWWVR. With this Dragon Raja code, you get one Dye Gift pack, which contains around 100 diamonds, 6 paint cards, 6 polishing dye, and 8 color calibrant. You can use this code once. After entering this CDKey, tap the mailbox on the game screen and claim the gift pack. 
  4. Code EHHSEWX. With this Dragon Raja CDKey, you can get motor gift pack. It contains gold, refined refill parts, energy crystals, paint can, and evolution stone. Click the CDKey button in the game settings(basic tab) and enter this code. 
  5. Code ELPJUYJ. With this Dragon Raja code, you get a Dye gift pack that features around x100 diamonds, polishing dye, color calibrant, and paint cards. This code was shared by someone in the comment section below. Head to game settings -> basic – > CDKey -> enter this code. 
  6. Code ENZQUST. By this Dragon Raja CD Key, you get a motor present pack. The code gives gold coins, energy crystals, paint can, evolution stone, and refined refit parts. 
  7. Code EMVVJAU. By this Dragon Raja code, you receive a dye gift pack that carries around x100 diamonds, x6 paint cards, polishing dye, and color calibrant. 

After that, you will see the message on screen; the gift pack has been successfully claimed. After redeeming the code or CDKey, go back to the game screen and tap the mailbox icon. There you will have to claim the gift pack that you got by redeeming the code. 

After that, open the box and claim the rewards. 

Keep in mind that a particular class role can redeem this code only once. After that, you would not be able to redeem this CDKey. Although, if you have more classes in the account, then login to those roles and claim the reward. 

How To Get More Codes & CDKeys?

CDKeys or Codes in Dragon Raja game are issued on the official website and the official Facebook Page. If you want more codes or CDKeys, you need to keep an eye on the FB posts or their website. Also, we will update this post with new code or CDKey as soon as we get info of it. 

If you have more codes to share, comment below.