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The Ranking System will be applied to CS: GO Major Invitations

The ranking system will be used in CS: GO Major Invitations

Counter Strike: GO Major Invitations

Significant changes will be made by Valve as the developer of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, related to the Major Invitations tour.

According to news reported by HLTV, Valve asked EO of the tournament to change the system from what was originally a direct invitation, to a rating system.

Historically, a team will be guaranteed to appear in a Major tournament based on their position in the previous competition. The top eight teams will get legends status, and direct invitations to the Legends phase in the next Major.

While the six teams will get the status of Returning Challengers and automatically invited to the Challengers phase.

However, ahead of the second Major in 2020, Valve will change the system to a major ranking. Points on the ranking system will be distributed to teams based on their performance at the ESL One Rio Major in May 2020 and two other events ahead of the Major held on November 2-15, 2020.

The eight best teams in the ranking system will immediately get legends status. The next eight teams won the Challenger title, while the remaining eight places came from the minor system.

Details regarding the tournament were not yet explained. Although Valve has already confirmed that the tournament will be held November 2-15 2020