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Solo Leveling Up Chapter 103 Delayed Release

Solo Leveling Up Chapter 103 Delayed Release Date, Spoilers Updated

Solo Leveling Up Chapter 103 Delayed Release

Solo Leveling is one of the most popular franchise at this moment. Fans are eagerly waiting for Solo Leveling chapter 103. However, the release date has been postponed.

Usually, the chapter for the manhua air on Thursdays. But, the air date is now rescheduled. Readers from all around the globe have been looking for the reason. What exactly is the reason, why chapter 103 of Solo Leveling aka I level up alone didn’t air on 23 January?

According to our sources, the reason for the delay is none other than the health of Jang Sung Rak.

Readers from all around the globe are wishing the artist well. And more importantly, fans will have to wait a little more for the new chapter of Solo Leveling.

Solo Leveling Chapter 103: The Official Response

Updates: Fans all around the globe are waiting for I level up Alone chapter 103; The official twitter account for the manhwa posted a tweet to answer all your questions.

(Translated) The tweet says, “Webtoon Solo Leveling Chapter 103 – Emergency Closure Notice: Hello, this is D & C Webtoon Editor. Originally, the chapter was going to air on Thursday, January 23. Chapter 103 was closed due to the health of writer Jang Seong-rak.”

“In order to always repay the love of our readers, the writer tried to continue the serialization as much as possible, and even in bad conditions, he struggled silently. The editorial department has failed to manage the schedule, so I apologize for this.”

“I hope all of you wish you well, Jang Seong-Rak, and look forward to Chapter 103 of Solo Leveling coming back next week. Thank you for your love. Dream of DNC Webtoon Editor.”

Why was the chapter Delayed?

The artist for the Solo leveling manhwa is suffering from a health issue and it’s not the first time. Readers are sending him well wishes through their social media accounts. And why not, the artists behind our favorite manga/manhwa have worked hard day and night to deliver us the top-notch content. Moreover, the artist haven’t responded to fans yet.

Solo Leveling Chapter 103 Updated Release Date

Solo Leveling Up Chapter 103 Delayed Release

As we said, the release date for the 103rd chapter of Solo Leveling has been postponed. The chapter will air on Thursday, 30 January 2020. As for the leaks, they will be out a few days before the official release date. The new release date for Solo Leveling Chapter 103 is confirmed by the officials.

Updates: There’s no update, as of now. Moreover, If there comes any word from the officials, we will update our blog.

Where to read Solo Leveling aka I level up Alone?

All the chapters for the Solo Leveling are exclusively available on its official website. Besides this, fans can also buy the hard copy. We highly condemn the use of an unofficial website to read manhua. Moreover, if you buy the official version, it will help the creators and the staff.

The story revolves around a world that connects with a portal to a world full of monsters. Moreover, With the introduction of hunters – humans with special powers and the ability to hunt, the plot gets even more interesting. Sung Jin-woo is an E-ranked hunter, others call him the weakest. The story revolves around how he becomes the strongest from the weakest.