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SEO Update 2020 guide

There are various SEO tips that you can explore from various sources. But, can everything be like a complete SEO guide on this one? Because basically, the existing SEO tips must continue to grow with the times and search engine updates like Google. This is the reason why SEO experts continue to test their various hypotheses in order to achieve high rankings on Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process carried out to optimize your page or website as a whole for search engines. There are many benefits you can get if you manage to reach a high ranking. One of them is an increase in the number of website visitors, because search engine users will automatically click on the top link, because Google will display the results that best match the keywords being searched.

When your website starts experiencing increased traffic, the benefits that will be obtained will also increase. Moreover, if your goal is to create a website to support e-commerce businesses or create a business profile online. If your website visitors are interested in the products you offer, it is possible that the view article actions on your website can turn into view invoices.

So, after knowing the definitions and advantages of using SEO, why not start now?

RankBrain from Google

This is part of a complete SEO guide that you want to learn. Not without reason, you should first understand about RankBrain. Because, RankBrain is a tool used by Google to determine whether a link is worth entering into the top rank.

In order not to be cheated by various parties, Google acknowledges that they are updating the search system randomly at an uncertain time so that not many people know how Google's search engine algorithm works. One of them is the RankBrain algorithm which began to be used by Google since 2016. Technically, RankBrain is an algorithm, but this type of algorithm will continue to change and evolve because it has an artificial intelligence (AI) function.

Based on statements made by Google via Twitter in March 2019, RankBrain is an AI-based system created to understand how search results relate to certain concepts. So, even if you don't use the right keywords, Google can estimate what you really need. For example, when you search for "why does my TV look strange," the results that appear on the main page are about "soap opera effect," because even though they don't have the exact same keywords, they both have the same concept, which is clumsiness display on television caused by the effects of soap operas.

Through an interview with Bloomberg, Google stated that RankBrain is the third most important factor influencing search results on the Google search engine. How not, RankBrain can help Google match keywords to the concept in question and match with AI technology also helps Google to do searches that are increasingly similar to what is searched for.

RankBrain focuses on the following two important things:

  1. How long a visitor spends time in your yard. 
  2. hat percentage of users clicked on your website link on the search results page.

From the two things above, we will discuss them one by one so that you understand what type of optimization can be applied when studying the complete SEO guidelines below.

The first aspect of time is called Dwell Time or the amount of time users spend on your website. Based on studies published by Search Engine Land, a good average Dwell Time to get into the top 10 of Google's search results is 3 minutes 10 seconds. If you don't believe it, try reviewing it from your Google Analytics.

In fact, Dwell Time makes perfect sense as a ranking factor for websites. The reason is, if internet users spend a considerable amount of time on certain pages on your website, then that user likes the content that is being read. Now, the more people who do the same on your website, Google will increase the page rank so that it can be more easily searched by other users.

So how do you make visitors feel at home on your website? The first thing of course is to make sure your website pages can be displayed quickly. If not, website visitors will immediately exit the page. Actually, if you use cheap but good hosting, you can guarantee the speed of loading pages on your website. In addition, if your website receives a lot of visits, you can avoid slowing the loading page.

Another thing to consider is content. Of course you need to make interesting and quality content.