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How to Resolve the Problem of Restricting Google Adsense

Impact of Google Adsense Display Ads Limited

How to Resolve the Problem of Restricting Google Adsense

The latest google adsense policy is to limit the display of google adsense ads on blogs that are considered to get unnecessary traffic or visitors. therefore many bloggers are hesitant with this latest policy by Google because not only new blogs but blogs that already have hundreds of thousands of visitors and routinely get paid every month Google is also affected by this latest policy.

Including my blog, which until now is still blank and ads do not appear.

Many complaints submitted by bloggers in social media groups, there is confusion because according to them blog visitors purely from Google's search engine but still given a reprimand limiting the display of adsense ads. Blogs or websites that are subject to restrictions on Google AdSense ads will be reviewed again by Google until it is deemed feasible not to be limited to serving ads again by Google.

I have listened to a number of discussions, so there are several ways for the blog to return to display ads, namely as follows : 

1. Traffic must be original from search engines.

well indeed after we think of the information provided by google that is the existence of invalid traffic so maybe you should improve your visitors from now on and again be able to display ads on your blog

2. reduce content that violates google

for this you have to obey the rules of adsense especially lately adsense issued a lot of rules / new TOS relating to web downloads, movies and even web streaming for details you can see here

3. reduce the adsense slot on the blog

for the 3rd I strongly agree because usually there are many blogs that have low traffic but adsense placement content can be very much at all in my opinion is very influential because good ad placement itself is a prefix of content, suffixes and middle of content and we can add on widget.

Now those are some tips that I'm living and hopefully my blog can display adsense ads again. For friends who are still experiencing it, please be patient and keep on trying to always provide the best content on your blog site.

So much from me, may be useful