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Important Changes to Google Adsense Automatic Ads

What are some interesting changes to google adsense automatic ads?

Google has made various innovations in developing various ad units, including automatic advertising (auto-ads). If the publisher wants to display these automatic ads on their site before, the publisher must paste the ad code on the site's pages.

Important Changes to Google Adsense Automatic Ads

What is currently running is changes to automatic ads. Automatic advertising will function through all ad code, so you can enjoy the automatic advertising feature on all sites without having to add extra code.

The latest automatic ad features that Google is referring to are:

Important Changes to Google Adsense Automatic Ads

  1. Preview, to see how ads appear on the site's pages before they appear. 
  2. Ad format, control the advertiser's desires on the site. 
  3. Exclusion of pages, stop displaying automatic ads on certain pages on the publisher's site.
We, as publishers, are quite surprised at our other sites that display regular ads of 2 ad units each. Why can automatic display ads on these sites even though no automatic ad scripts are installed on the site pages.

For example on this site, which only applies two regular ad units.

But all the shock was answered after google notifies the adsense account. Ads will automatically appear on all sites that implement regular ad code.

What does it mean for you adsense ad publishers with interesting changes to this automatic ad? Your adsense earnings are expected to increase significantly as the user experience increases.

Google has notified you about changes to automatic advertisements on your account. Therefore the steps you need to take are:

  1. Review the new settings that read ; 

"Be prepared for interesting changes to automatic advertising. The new Automatic Ad now works through any ad code. If you have enabled Automatic ads for a site, even pages containing only ordinary ad units will automatically start displaying ads on that site. 

Review your new settings before October 20, 2019. After that date, we will try to match the current settings in the new Automatic ad controls for you"

 2. How to review new setting.

Here's how and steps to review new settings according to Google Adsense

  1. Log in to your adsense account. 
  2. On the card, "Get ready for interesting changes to the automatic adverts" on your home page. Click Review or Review. 
  3. We update your current automatic ad settings and match them with new automatic ads. 
  4. See a list of sites that we cannot match accurately with all existing ad settings. Note that maybe not all of your sites will be displayed here. 
  5. For each site:
  • Click Review (Pre-review the ad settings on your site will open) 
  • Review automatic ad settings for your site 
  • Click done
 6. Click save and apply settings.

As a side note, even though it says automatic advertising now functions through all the ad code, we recommend using the adsense code for all new sites.