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Notification Better Ads Standards Global on AdSense, What is the Purpose and Effect

For publishers of the Adsense ad network, surely they are currently getting a notification on the home page of the Google Adsense account, right? The notification contains news about Better Ads Standards Global. But a lot of people are confused, what do they mean and how do they affect us as publishers or advertiser.? Is it dangerous or just a mere notification?

Notification Better Ads Standards Global on AdSense, What is the Purpose and Effect

This time I will try to discuss the notification. Where this concerns the rules and policies of BetterAds. But before we first acquainted with BetterAds, so that it's easier to understand this article that doesn't work.


Before discussing the notifications that have appeared on the Adsense homepage lately, let us first get acquainted with the cause of the notification. Namely the Better Ads Standards.

What Is a Better Ads Standards?

Better Ads is an association or coalition of developers to create the best user experience through ad standards. The picture is, this Better Ads manages the standardization of ads, with the aim that users feel comfortable in a site even though there are advertisements in it.

How do Better Ads determine the Ad Standards?

Better Ads currently focuses on advertising desktop and mobile web (smartphone) web. To determine the standard of advertising research carried out to more than 66,000 consumers. Every input from consumers is accommodated and considered in order to produce a better standard of advertising. Some things that are taken into consideration are: the type of ad you like, the type of ad that is hated, up to the size of the ad.

In North America and Europe, this ad standard has been in effect since March 2017. And it has been implemented by developers in their business. The association announced in January 2019 that according to their research, this standardization could be used globally on mobile and desktop web sites around the world.

If that is a little brief description of Better Ads. If you already understand the short description above, let's go into the discussion about notifications that give Google on the pages of the Adsense publisher site.


As explained above, that Better Ads is a community or coalition to determine advertising standards. Google is one of dozens of members in it. For this reason, Google adheres to the Better Ads policy.

Notification Better Ads Standards Global on AdSense, What is the Purpose and Effect

Impact of 2019 Policy Better Ads

Because Google is a member of the coalition, their policies are followed and welcomed by Google. Because the goal is to give users the best experience.

This policy was carried out by Google through one of its products, namely Chrome Browser. Where later, in this browser will be planted a similar type of Adblock to block annoying ad serving. This feature is named Chrome Ad Filter.

It's just that not all ads are blocked. Only advertisements that are considered violating and not in accordance with the ad standards of Better Ads. Some of the blocked ones will be Pop-Up type ads, Video AutoPlay Audio, and ads with Density of more than 30% content pages.

This feature will start running on all chrome browsers (both desktop and mobile) on July 9, 2019.

To activate it almost the same as the translate feature. Namely by raising a small notification on the corner of the screen (desktop) or under (mobile) whether you want to block annoying ads or not. There may also be settings to activate or deactivate it directly in the chrome browser settings menu.

Impact for Ad Publishers (Publisher)

For site owners or blog pages with advertisements (either Adsense or other), it is necessary to reset the placement and size of the ad. Because it will have enough effect later on our balance or advertising revenue.

If too many of our ads are blocked by the Ad Filter, the fewer ads we show. Which means that the number of ad impressions will also decrease. For CPM ad users, which are valued per 1000 impressions. Then it will slightly slow down the collection of the balance. Even those who pay monthly can only pay per month.

To place ads, it's still up to you to install where. It's just that you need to pay attention to, the type of ad used, and its size. Suggestions from me are just using image and text types. Don't use video ads (for Adsense, I don't know how to set it up). While the size, please choose the square or horizontal size. Because verticals are often considered to disturb and close content by users.

How to Know and Overcome Troubled Ads?

If later the ad has a problem (in this case affected by Better Ad), then it can be seen in the Ad Experience Report on the Web Tools / Search Console page. Make sure that your site was verified by the webmaster tools.

It will appear that the review status has been REVIEWED, FAILED, or WARNED. If you get FAILED status, then immediately fix it. There will be videos and explanations about the problem. If it has been repaired, a request for review can be made. Give an explanation of how you fix the problem and what is fixed in the available column. Then click I HAVE FIXED IT. Then the google team will do a manual review of your site.

"REMEMBER!!! This review tool will work from 9 July 2019. If you do it before that, then the status will be written YET NOT REVIEWED"

If for 30 days the status of the potam remains in FAILED and you don't fix it. Then chrome will actually block ads on your site. But this is flexible, meaning that it depends on the problem. If the ad has a problem with Mobile, it will actually block it on the mobile just not on the desktop.

If that were the first thing I could share with you. If there are people who don't understand, just ask through the comments column. Hopefully it can help friends who feel confused about the Adsense notifications about Better Ads Standards Global.