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What is the importance of updating the old blog posts

Are you diligently updating old posts? As a blogger, of course, from time to time we continue to improve our knowledge, skills and insights in blogging.

And as soon as we open the old post, we will find many shortcomings in the old article written five months ago!

I have stressed the need to update old posts, what you can do to improve its quality.

If you regularly write new posts regularly, especially every day, then in just a few months, you will have a lot of posts. Most of them are just 'buried' in a pile of blog files, untouched by new visitors. What a waste.

To overcome this, I strongly advise you, to do one new job, a routine activity that will make your blog more attractive. Namely, opening, re-reading, then making changes (updates) on your old posts / articles.

What needs to be updated?
I myself set a schedule 2 - 3 weeks to check, re-read the old posts. I started from the article that I first posted, then in sequence. And in each of these articles I do the following:

1. Change the post title

If I feel that the old post title is not very good, not interesting, not SEO friendly, and I find a better title, then I immediately change it.

And it was proven, some of my old articles, which visitors had almost never read, finally read more. Anyone will agree, that an attractive title, containing the main keyword, will be preferred by both search engines and visitors.

2. Correct grammar errors, sentence structure, spelling and so on.

The longer you blog, the more you will feel the importance of this. An article is full of typos, improper use of sentences or words, and so on will reduce the quality of the article.

And as writing skills improve, you will realize that it turns out that your old writing is difficult to digest, smooth, and swirling. Fix these things, so the quality of your old posts gets better.

3. Add relevant images or links

This is a very important thing. Complete the old post with a link to your newer articles that are still in touch. Besides increasing pageview, it also helps readers find the information they are looking for.

4. Give added value, a deeper discussion

If indeed we have new data, new knowledge, and seeing discussions on your old posts can be deepened again, then that is a very good thing. For people who have visited your blog to think: "wow, this is amazing", "this is really useful".

Those are some of the things you can do with your old posts. I myself, usually give new opinions, new experiences, or deepen the discussion to add value to the old posts.

How? Ready with new routines to update old posts? Give your opinion through the comments column.

Don't just because an article was made 1 year ago, then it is considered useless. Your old post is as valuable as your latest posts!

Success is always for us all.