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When is the right time to post blog articles

How to Determine an Ideal Publish Blog Schedule

After writing an article on the blog, you hope the article will be viral after being published. In fact, let alone someone who shares the article, the pageviews you get are only a few. Is this often the case for you?

Basically, besides having to maintain the quality of writing on your blog, there are other things that are the main keys to how to make blogs that you write viral and get lots of pageviews. This is the right timing for posting. This is based on the fact that there are specific times, the right timing for publishing a blog.

Then, when is the right timing? The following is how the right steps in determining the ideal blog publishing schedule are based on the experience of NewsTat.Icu

Determine your target readers

There is always a reader segment for each article made. That is one feature of quality articles. Not as long as writing, articles must provide something useful for certain reader segments.

From the target reader segment, you can take into account the habits of each segment when dealing with cyberspace. For example, the segment of adolescents aged 12-19 years must have different reading habits with the adult age segment 25-40 years. This certainly affects the number of pageviews on your blog.

In fact, most netizens spend their time reading blogs in the morning. So, for those of you who have a fairly large reader segment, you can allocate a publish schedule in the morning.

However, is night time a bad time to publish blog articles? Certainly not. For you to make men as target readers, this time is actually good, especially for male articles. Not without reason, at night, be it evening or evening, some blog readers are male.

The right day to publish a blog

According to data taken by Dan Zarella and Search Engine Land, a good day to publish a blog can be classified from your goal to publish articles on blogs, whether to capture more pageviews or get comments from readers of your blog. If you want to get more traffic, do publishing on Monday. Conversely, if you want to get more comments, do publishing on Saturday.

The right time to publish a blog

Then, will we get the same results throughout these two days? Of course it's different. Is it possible for us to read the published article in the middle of the night? The answer is certainly not!

What time should we post articles on the blog? Go back to your destination, more pageviews or more comments. If you want more pageviews, you have to publish articles on your blog at 9am. But if your destination really wants to get a lot of comments, publish it at 11 noon.

Simply put, maybe we can conclude like this:

  • If you want to get maximum page views, post articles on your blog on Monday at 9 am; 
  • If you want to get a lot of comments on your article, publish it on Saturday at 11 o'clock.

Time posting is ideal for loyal readers of your blog

What about loyal readers who are always looking for new articles on our blog?

Basically, you can do something to track your loyal readers. Find out the specific time when they read your article. Thus, you can keep loyal readers by always giving articles at the same hour. How to find out the specific time?

It's easy, use Google Analytics. The steps, you can follow as follows:

  1. Click "Customization"; 
  2. Click the "Create a New Custom Report" Tab;
  3. Give title your report, Example "Most Viewer in Week"; 
  4. Add "Entrance" in the "metric group" column. You can also add other metrics such as bounce rates to measure the quality of your blog traffic; 
  5. Add "Day of week name" and "Hour of day" in the "Dimension Drilldowns" column;
  6. If you want, you can provide additional filters such as "Source of traffic"; 
  7. Save your report.

Immediately, you will get the following results.

The above number is a code. The two most back digits show hours with the most viewers. In the example, the last two digits are 14, which means that the viewer mostly occurs at 14.00 or 2 pm.

Thus, it can be concluded that the most visitors on the web example are on Sundays at 2:00 p.m. This data can then be used as a benchmark for the publish time.

The ideal number of articles (a pretty important addition)

Then, what is the right number of articles to publish in a day?

This depends on how big your blog is. If your blog has a large number of millions of readers every day, you can just give 5 new articles every day or even more. Millions of your readers will not object to that.

How about a new blog? You only need to publish periodically, slowly. The aim is to build loyal readers from the beginning. This system is also used by the Author ID team for several clients with new blogs.

Two articles a week is the right step to start your blog. Do it for 3 months. Then, in the 4th month, then add one more article to three articles in a week. Do it again in the 5th month. Only when entering in the 6th month and so on, complete the articles in your blog to a minimum of five articles a week.

That was the way to how to make the right schedule in publishing your blog. Supported with interesting and quality articles, you can get more optimal results.