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Make Internal Links in posts that are safe for adsense

Create internal links on posts to increase the number of views or page views. 

One way to increase the number of views or page view is to create an internal link on a post or article. But it must be remembered that the internal link is really the link that contains the related article, or the article that gives an explanation of the main article being discussed, not to error page or broken link.

The example is as below. I will explain the functions and benefits of the internal links in the article, and before I happened to have written this article some time ago, it can be implemented like this.

This is an example of how to make the correct internal link, so the reader seems to be given an explanation that has something to do with the article being read, without redirecting it to pages with other topics or categories that don't connect at all.

Why is such an internal link not right? Another function of internal links is to navigate the site and make it easier for Google robots to crawle the existence of articles, if what you create has a random random structure it will confuse the Google robot to detect the link.

This is very important, because inaccurate internal links will not provide significant benefits. So internal links also have a bad effect on the blog if the implementation is not right, the reason that can be explained from Google is confusing the search engine and disrupting user experience (readers).

Below is an example of writing an internal link that is not quite right :

Be careful also in writing the words in the link, many friends who actually change the words in the article into other sentences, such as the example below

  • Please read here
  • For further information, just look at this one
  • Please check the article
  • Don't worry about headaches, read this explanation

Then how do you make the correct internal link?

As an example of the link above is one application of internal links that are in accordance with the quality standards of webmasters, internal links that are made can be given a description of "Please read", "Read this", or "related articles". Like the picture below.

Make internal links on the posts is safe for adsense

Making the correct internal link is to give a description of the article and the link in a separate state from the article. To beautify or make a neat internal link, we can use the Blockquote facility. Many blogs provide tutorials or how to create cool Blockquote, you can browse on Google to make it.

How many internal links are recommended in 1 post?

To make the correct internal link in 1 post, we can only place 1 to 2 internal links, unless the article is long (over 750 words) we can add it to 3 - 4 internal links. Remember, the wrong internal link can have a bad impact on the blog, so be careful to place it. The main benefit of making an internal link is to strengthen the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), so the article created by the internal link will increase its position on the google page.

What is the relationship between internal links and adsense blogs?

One reason the adsense account is banned is that the site violates the adsense guidelines, I have never experienced the occurrence of banned adsense accounts, but this is the experience of some publisher friends whose adsense accounts have been disabled. The reason is that the excessive implementation of Onpage SEO includes making incompetent internal links.

Similar things have also been discussed in full by the other senior bloggers that the onpage SEO action (including internal links) that will blindly potentially adsense accounts get banned. Hopefully this will not happen to other fellow adsense publishers.

Because to get adsense account is a very very and very difficult for now, so we better be careful. Hopefully this article is useful.