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How To Optimize SEO On Page With Easily

You all probably already know what SEO is. Generally SEO is divided into two techniques, namely On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Both are very important and you need to do it. On Page SEO is optimization carried out on the website (on the website). The best way to increase traffic on a blog is from a search engine, for that we must understand what SEO is and how it works. Then what are the On Page SEO techniques? We will discuss in full on this occasion.

How to Optimize SEO On Page. 

Here are some easy ways to do On Page SEO optimization. Leave a long URL and Boring a long URL with unwanted text will be skipped by Google. So, use SEO friendly URLs because this will make crawling better. According to research, the first 3-5 words in the URL are given more weight. So, make your URL informative and concise. Don't forget to include the target keyword, because it helps appear better and helps reduce the Bounce Rate.

Image Optimization

Make your site visually attractive with quality images. Images help increase user interaction, which means people will tend to relate to your site. Along with using attractive images, alt text must be maintained for On Page SEO. Targeted keywords must be part of alt text which gives more instructions to search for machines from all your pages. So increasing organic search.

Using Title Tags.

Use the title tags as the first place to put keywords. The keywords placed at the beginning of the title will be better than the keywords placed in the middle of the title or the back of the title. However, not all must put keywords at the beginning of the title. You can put keywords at the beginning of the title if those keywords can attract prospective blog visitors. If you think the title is less attractive, then you can put keywords in the middle or back of the title.

Write Meta Description.

Meta descriptions help get better results for On page SEO, because they include focused keywords for your content. This is shown below the title to let users know more about content. As per Google guidelines, the description must be in 160-170 characters. Intrinsically, the meta description must be concise, containing all keywords that are relevant, informative and related to the content.

Keyword Density

To get a good ranking on search engines, your content should be SEO friendly. Use keywords in the first 100-150 words, let Google understand the meaning of your page. For On page SEO, keyword density must be maintained up to 2-3%. Don't overdo and overuse keywords only for search engine robots because this can have a negative impact. Use LSI keywords in each of your posts so that Google can check the relevance of the page. So, content must be SEO friendly, unique, easy to understand and interesting.

Writing Long and Useful Articles.

Make articles as detailed as possible, but don't make your readers bored to read articles and try to make unique words so that readers like your articles. Note that the more long and useful articles the more keywords are contained and the more visitors that come. Those are some ways to do On Page SEO optimization. Besides paying attention to SEO, you also need to build a great site by using the appropriate hosting and domain.

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