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9 secret ways to get more organic traffic

For a blogger, after creating content, of course you want the content to be indexed immediately by Google and get more traffic. In the previous article we have provided tips on how to promote a blog to increase your traffic.

In this post, we will provide a way to enter the # 1 page of the Google search engine and get more traffic.

1. Feature or Interview Owners & Influencers of Popular Social Media Groups.

Thousands of followers and followers; Unfortunately, most people try to get traffic by spamming these social media groups, only to have their articles removed. A better way to get traffic from social media groups is to interview owners, or influencers, of these groups and ask them to share the article you feature them in. Even if they don't share your article, you can share it in the group yourself as a member of the group.

2. Feature / Interview Owners of Popular Forums. 

Compile a list of the biggest forum owners in your niche and interview them; if possible, get them to have a round up post on your blog. Send them a link after your article has been published and encouraged them to share it.

3. Run a Blogging Contest. 

Host your own blogging contest and make it a condition that participants share your article on social media or blog about it; if possible, have them blog about your contest as well. This will go a long way to boost your blog's reach.

4. Develop and Execute a Social Media Strategy.

Simply creating social media profiles and sharing your latest articles won't cut it. Social media strategy development by focusing only on key social networks, engaging with influencers and top pages, and interacting in groups to grow your social media reach. Also, make sure you constantly post updates, and regularly recycle old articles on social media; simply sharing your article once, in a while, won't cut it. Most popular bloggers share links to old articles on their blog for years. Frequency posts should vary depending on the social media site; research shows that it is optimal to post twice daily on Facebook, thrice daily on Twitter and Google+ and 5 times daily on Pinterest.

5. Syndicate Your Content to Top Blogs. 

Many top blogs and networks will allow you to publish your content on their site with credit back to you; most big blogs, including the Public Insider and Huffington Post, do it if they feel that your content is good enough. Look for a list of publications and network sites in your industry that publish content and see if they'd like to republish your articles.

6. Do Cross-Promotion with Other Bloggers. 

Find a blogger with similar audience to yours and see if you can "shout out exchange"; in other words, you mention them on your blog and they mention you on theirs. You can also promote them to your email list while they promote you to theirs.

7. Submit Your Content to Blogging Communities

Blogging communities have existed for a long time and are a good place to get traffic; Bizsugar in the business niche, Blokube in the blogging and niche social media and DesignFloat in the design niche. Look for a blogging community in your niche that you can share interesting articles with and occasionally submit your articles.

8. Promote Your Blog on Top Forums in Your Niche. 

Forums can also be a good source of traffic; You may not be able to start spamming the forums with your links. Instead, focus on making valuable forums in form of ideas, responses to people's discussions and being active in popular discussions; make sure you have a link to your blog in your forum signature, and you'll notice an increase in your traffic.

9. Create an Ultimate / Advanced Guide. 

An ultimate guide that is designed to be first and last article your readers read on a subject; due to their nature, ultimate guides are usually very comprehensive in nature. It is not an unusual to see the ultimate guide that is 5,000 - 10,000 words.
As we saw earlier in this article, comprehensive search engines rank them better; People love them too, so they share them massively. By publishing an ultimate guide, you’ll benefit from all angles.

Once you've published your ultimate guide, reach out to bloggers in your niche and ask them to spread the word about it.

If you have a way or trick that has never been done by other bloggers, let's discuss it together in the comments column below.