How to Dive in Santopany Using a Diving Pack

The newest zone named Santopany was recently introduced by the Life After developer. In this Santopany location you can find various kinds of ruins, aircraft wrecks and also wrecks of ships.

In this new zone also introduced a natural disaster called Typhoon or hurricane. A notification will notify you when Tycoon appears, immediately seek refuge!

Some of the updates are one update that is quite interesting, namely the adventure on the sea floor! You can only experience this adventure with diving equipment or a Diving Pack that can be bought or made by yourself.

You can buy a Diving Pack through the Armor Shop at the NPC named Nico in Hope 101 city. You can buy a Diving Pack when Manor has reached level 9.

Here is a list of resources that you can get in Life After:

Sea Mushroom
Other new fish species